Last update: 2019.10.10


Abdi challenged Cosetta.
Result Leticia Vs. Luca Cro: 0-1. Positions unchanged.
Revenge Leticia Vs. Luca Cro.

And here is the updated scale:

  TOTAL 44

  0. Teacher: vacant position

  1. Jose 'Luis Lopez, Argentina, available.
  2. Vladimir Ortis Colon, Puerto Rico, at stake: Francisco Vs. Vladimir.
  3. Francisco Calderon, Mexico, at stake: Francisco Vs. Vladimir.
  4. Paolo Rivalta, Available.
  5. Luis Antonio Ramirez, Mexico, available.
  6. Luca Crocioni, in play: Leticia Vs. Luca.
  7. Leticia Jorgelina Yañez, Argentina, in play Leticia Vs. Luca.
  8. Cosetta Trapletti, available.
  9. Giovanni Castiglione, available.
10. Gabriele Battaglia, not available until October 13th.
11. Abdi, England, available.
12. Filippa Tolaro, available.
13. Marcos Segura, Peru, available.
14. Davide del Monte, available.
15. Luca Mantelli, not available.
16. Piergiorgio Mela, not available.
17. Gerard Lemoine, France, available.
18. GianCarlo Bosetti, not available.
19. Catherine Dib, France, at stake: Dear Vs. Catherine.
20. Susanna Prada, available.
21. Riccardo Dalfiume, available.
22. Dave Schuh, USA, in play: Marina Vs. Dave.
23. Ana Carolina. Argentina, at stake: Dear Vs. Catherine.
24. Marina Gelmini, in play: Marina Vs. Dave.
25. Jim Thoune, USA, on stand by.
26. Lorenzo Amadei, in stand by.
27. Bernard Duthoit, France, available.
28. Abderrahim Moumtaz, Morueco, available.
29. Mehdi Bacha, France, stand by.
30. Jairo Oswaldo Leyton Calderon, Nicaragua, has left the climbing group.
31. Mario Montalvo, USA, available.
32. Armando Edilber Sanchez Padilla, Honduras, available.
33. Laura Scatà, not available.
34. Gigi Abate, available.
35. Monica De Fazio, new entry, available.
36. Pascal Pouteau, France, newcomer, available.
37. Regis Gerbaux,, France, on stand by.
38. Victor Chavero, Argentina, available.
39. Ezio Melle, newcomer, available.
40. Orlando Ramírez Reina, Colombia, available.
41. Massimo Maccaferri, available.
42. Catherine (Katossa), not available.
43. Giuseppe Marino ’, not available.
44. Domenico Lini, available.