This tournament, to be honest, is a fairly partisan tournament ...
 does not have, as in orthodox tournaments, a real deadline, so everyone plays when he wants and when he can

It's a distance tournament, so everyone can play in the way that suits them best:
on free-chess, on Skype, by phone, or by e-mail, or even at a table if you are neighbors, or you live in the same city.


 The players are all in a row, from the first to the last, like on the steps of a ladder.
 the steps are occupied as they are registered.  At the time of registration, if there are nine participants, the number ten step will be occupied.

 To climb the ladder, you need to challenge a player who is above. The challenge can only be submitted if the player is available.  For example:
 let's say that the player on step 10 wants to launch a challenge,
 the number 9 and the number eight are already playing,
 while the number 7 is available,
 therefore he can only challenge the latter.

 If he loses, everything will remain as before, if he wins, he will rise to seventh place,
 the number 7 that has lost, the number 8 and the number nine will go down one step.

Challenges should be sent to me, so I can update the lineup.
I will write so next to your name that you are playing,
and removing the word: "available".


The rules

Players on the scale