- The tournament is open to all players: beginners; experts; and teachers, whatever their nationality.

- Each new member of the tournament will occupy the last step of the climb.

- For the sole masters present in the "climb" it will be assigned the step nr. 0. From this privileged position he will be able to challenge and be challenged by each climber. Those games will be played with the Masters / lessons to instructional purposes only. Not approved for the tournament.

- You can play casual games. They will not be approved for the tournament, but through a special link, you can follow them. All this can be known through whatsapp.


- The tournament is held at a variable pace of the game, no limit of programmable matches for each player.

- The Tournament includes several game modes: Skype; Phone; a table; whatsapp and email ... in the case of Skype games will be given in due time to play, a link, which is generally made public via whatsapp.

- Where required, and always within the limits of the possible, it is expected the presence of an arbitrator. Otherwise players can decide to postpone their game, but if they decide to play though, the result will be approved statement at the end of the game.

- The challenger will have White.

- The moves are set out in a loud voice by the player and repeated in turn by the adversary. Only in this way they will be valid.

- In case of non-homogeneity on the chessboard due to incorrect positioning of the pieces, where present, it will cure and the referee's responsibility to determine or reconstruct the position, of course stopping time. Otherwise it is the common sense rule.

- Each game will have 'a period of 90 minutes, with no increase, and CHANGE WITHOUT ELO.

- For all those games that require the presence of an arbitrator; or that are played using the Skype link, it is necessary for it to be approved, schedule them for time. To give way to the Working Group to organize everything.

- You can communicate the result of the game or by directly typing in the Whatsapp group dedicated to the tournament, or privately to the Working Group, which will update the positions on the scale.


- in case of victory by the challenger, he will occupy his opponent's position; while the latter will descend a single step with respect to its position.

- in case of victory by the challenged, the positions remain unchanged.

- In case of a tie '/ draw, the player more' down the ladder, will rise 'on the step opponent, as if he had won the game.

- The player who reaches the position nr. 1 can challenge and be challenged in turn by all the climbers. These meetings will be approved and valid for the purposes of the tournament.

- Each climber, whatever his position in the "climb", can decide to place themselves on the top step and from there begin their ascent, encouraging and stimulating in this way the integration and involvement of the newcomers.


- to know where to send a challenge, see and refer to the latest update published on whatsapp.

- challenges should be sent to the opponent in private; only after he agreed date; now and the game play modes, you can communicate it via whatsapp. (Only non-registered players can chat to contact the Working Group, which will update the group, using the appropriate aggiornamentini.

- You can decide to launch its own challenge, choosing from one of two players, places above its position.

- Two players who are soon challenged, and that they have no plans to play a rematch; They can not be taken as mutually sfidabili, in search of the next challenger. This only applies to the next round of their match.

- only in the following cases, you can move to the next player "available" than the one designated: ITALY 1. where there is a failure to reply by the challenger; having the certainty that the challenge has been received correctly, respecting the different time zones, in the case of foreign opponents;
2. the moment, not be able to agree to schedule a game, incompatibility of dates and times, to what are the needs or requirements of the challenger.

- The player who reaches the top step of the "climb" will launch or accept one challenge at a time; because of its location on the scale may change depending on the outcome of each game played. Rule also applies to all players in the tournament, regardless of their position