1. The tournament is open to all players, beginners, experts, masters of any nationality and category.
2. You can only challenge the available players.
Challenges can only be launched to those who are one or two places above you, if they are not available, then you can challenge the first available that you meet on the steps above them.
3. The tournament takes place at a variable pace, with no limits, regarding the matches.
4. The challenger will have White.
5. If you play on Skype, by phone, or at a table, the moves must be pronounced aloud by the player and repeated aloud by the other. The moves thus stated and confirmed will be valid.
 In the event of non-homogeneity on the boards due to incorrect positioning of the pieces a referee will stop the time and rebuild the position.
6. Each game will have a duration of 90 minutes, without increase, and WITHOUT ELO CHANGE.  
7. In the event of a tie, the lowest player on the scale, will rise on the opponent's step, as if he had won the game.
8. Each result must be communicated directly in the Whatsapp group of the tournament, the director or administrators will update the positions on the scale.